I'm a multidisciplinary designer, speaker and creator based in Hannover, Northern Germany. My work has earned recognition from Adobe and magazines like PcWorld and Curved.

In 2011 I started to work as a designer in a german advertising agency. Soon I felt a strong need to be independent and evolve my design skills beyond the possibilities the agency could offer me, so I decided to start working as an independent graphic designer and artist.

My skills include traditional communication design like logo design and art direction, digitial art, webdesign and illustration. As a member of generation Y I am a so called digital native. PCs, Websites and the digital world in general are my mothertongue - and have always been an integral part of my daily life. This is why I can offer you designs and marketing solutions that are steady and eye-catching. I am home in traditional media as much as I am in Social Media, Apps and Web.

Design with passion. To make your idea count.

I am as passionate about your idea as you are. With passion and curiosity we can not only find a good, but the best solution. Can we optimize your idea or take another approach? Plus, you will benefit from clear schedules, time-frames and straightforward and transparent communication. It's about your project in the end - so we need to make sure it's in the best hands.